- Limgroup, The Netherlands
  • Tip

  • Productivity

  • Stem thickness

  • Stem quality

  • Uniformity

  • Earliness

Maxlim is a 100% male hybrid and excellently suitable for the cultivation of white asparagus in areas with a warm/Mediterranean climate.


  • Suitable for the cultivation of white asparagus;
  • Moderately early production;
  • Very high yield potential;
  • Excellent quality properties.

Maxlim thrives best on well drained, vigorous soils. During multi-annual research, the best results were achieved, for the white cultivation, with a plant density of 5-6 plants per linear metre and a plant depth of 18-20 cm. On vigorous soils or plots which are not sensitive to drought and which fitted with irrigation and/or fertigation, plant densities of 6-8 plants per linear metre are possible. Because of its excellent tip, Maxlim is very suitable for extra advancing cultivation measures by means of thermal foil or mini-tunnel.

Maxlim has a very high production potential, an excellent quality and a good thickness. Maxlim is a reliably yielding variety in the moderately early segment. The product has a very firm tip and is little sensitive to hollow stems. Over 80% of the products fall under the sorting class 16-24 mm. The flavour of Maxlim is generally considered to be good.

The Maxim foliage is of Maxlim is strongly tall-growing. By nature Maxlim foliage is strong against leaf diseases and immune to composition.